Album Review - Apr 29

The New York City Jazz Record by Eric Wendell

Kites Over Havana displays a group that understands the nuance of the saxophone and how it has a place in modern chamber music. Whether or not the quartet continues to compose Cuban-inspired music is neither here nor there as long as they continue to release music as stunning as this.

Album Review - Apr 14

World Music Report by Raul Da Gama

Kites Over Havana by The Vitral Saxophone Quartet is the most recent and fascinating recording of contrapuntal music.

Album Review - Mar 17

Bird is the Worm by David Sumner

At times buoyant and other times reverential, the music conjures up imagery just begging to be married to a story.  And perhaps it already is.

Album Review - Feb 26

​Downtown Music Gallery by Bruce Lee Gallanter

The Vitral Saxophone Quartet show a completely other side to the sax quartet sound, sometimes austere and restrained yet just as rich in color in more subtle ways.

Press Release - Feb 10

Paquito Records Official Press Release

There is a proud history of chamber music for saxophone stemming from Cuba. The wonderful Vitral Saxophone Quartet carries that tradition forward on their new recording Kites Over Havana. 

Album Release - Feb 10

Album "Kites Over Havana" Release Date

Presented by the world famous Paquito D'Rivera

Album Review - Feb 2

Latin Jazz Corner Review By CHIPBOAZ

The Vitral Saxophone Quartet is a group with an interesting approach that challenges many of our notions about jazz saxophone...These musicians are each coming from a classical background, but they also are strongly connected to jazz. As a result, their performances are structured around the aesthetics of classical music but integrate jazz harmonies and improvisation. 

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